Leadership & Career

Lose weight with cheering fans

July 1, 2008
About 56 percent of Americans say they want to lose weight, according to a 2006 Gallup poll. Many of those people experiment with various weight-loss diets.

Golden rules for wise leaders

July 1, 2008
In 1976, Betsy Bernard worked as a summer intern at AT&T. About 26 years later, she became the company’s president.

Swim against the tide to prevail

July 1, 2008
Going with the flow almost guarantees you will never leave a mark. You won’t become a standout, a leader who drives people to greatness even in grim times.

The death of self-esteem

July 1, 2008
Like an overhyped movie that proves a box-office bomb, self-esteem has lost its luster. In the next year or two, self-efficacy will supplant it.

Why perfectionism works against you

June 1, 2008
When job interviewers ask you, “What’s your biggest weakness?”, your favorite answer is, “I’m a perfectionist.” In truth, admitting that you’re a perfectionist doesn’t burnish your reputation.

Stop yawning and start sleeping

June 1, 2008
You’ve heard that Americans don’t get enough sleep. But you shrug it off and keep yawning your way into a daze at work.

Overcome long odds with the 3 P’s

June 1, 2008
You face a pivotal moment in your career with long odds of success. The pressure’s on and you need to perform at your best. Remember the 3 P’s.

Push your ego aside to lead

June 1, 2008
Take Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson’s advice on how to put your ego in check.

Give unconventional wisdom its due

June 1, 2008
You can sound like a maverick if you challenge conventional wisdom. People will pay more attention when you make a clever yet counterintuitive observation.

As the sun burns, so can your skin

May 1, 2008
Got sunburn? In May, many people assume the sun lacks the intensity to pose a problem. But the mild spring weather can prove deceptive.