Leadership & Career

Career confidence; successful mergers; Dems and work

January 1, 2007
Workers are confident they won’t lose their jobs in the coming year … When companies merge, can everyone fit into the new culture? … Ted Kennedy will oversee workplace issues committee.

‘Just right’ leadership; cell-phone diets; no more ‘Mr. Boss’

December 1, 2006
A new study reaveals assertiveness isn’t viewed as a strength … A benefits provider will give food tips via cell phone … Many Asian firms are adopting American habits.

When a colleague becomes a competitor for a promotion

November 1, 2006
Your company is opening a new store on your side of town, and you want to manage it. The only problem is that your colleague also wants the job, and she’ll stop at nothing to get it …

Making meetings you attend matter

November 1, 2006
The meetings you attend won’t always be as productive as those you lead yourself, but there are things you can do to make the outcome of less-than-optimally organized meetings worthwhile.

Manager’s Checkup: Strategies for professional success

October 1, 2006
Are you prepared to grow, person­ally and professionally, from your experiences as a manager? Take our quiz and find out how well you’ve mastered some basic strategies for professional success.

When you know a crisis is coming

September 1, 2006
Crisis situations in the workplace aren’t always dramatic events like layoffs, takeovers or restructurings. In fact, any event that alters work­ing conditions or affects employee work habits can—if introduced improperly—provoke a crisis.

What is time off worth to you?

August 1, 2006
If given the choice, which would you rather have: a $2,000 raise, or an extra week of vacation time every year?

Manager’s Checkup: How do you feel about your work?

July 1, 2006
Do you ever attempt to take a com­prehensive look at your own job satisfaction? Here’s an adaptation of an assessment that’s been used by thousands of managers over the years.

In 2018, strive for creativity

June 1, 2006

A new year, so why not try new approaches. Here are some tips for bringing out creativity in yourself and your team this year.

Check your ‘ethical pulse’: 4 indicators of a bad decision

May 1, 2006

Before you act on a hastily made decision, ask these questions to see if it passes ethical muster.