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DEI: 7 tips for managers

October 21, 2022
During the pandemic and mass exodus of workers from their jobs, managers began to see the benefits of including more diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations. Researchers identified several best practices and benefits of fostering a positive, DEI-first workplace culture.

3 ways to battle the office backstabber

October 21, 2022
It’s sad to say, but there are just some people in this world who think that throwing others under the bus is necessary to get ahead. And whether someone spills something you said in confidence, blames you for a mishap or “forgets” to put your name on an important presentation, their office backstabbing not only messes with your emotions; it messes with your career and your credibility.

Office workers stay put in fragile economy

October 21, 2022
This year has taught us one thing: Job switching is the best way to get a pay bump. But the game of musical chairs may be slowing down. Jitters over the fragile economy and looming layoffs worry managers and employees alike because the job market can turn quickly.

Global gender gap persists

October 18, 2022
According to the 2022 World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report, at this rate, it will take 132 years to achieve gender parity.

These apps will calm you down

October 14, 2022
Now that you’ve read about managing people at work, why not take a minute to manage yourself? We’ve rounded up the best apps for finding balance in your life and career.

5 tips for new managers

October 14, 2022
Becoming the “boss” is a vast career transition and comes with many new responsibilities. One common trap you might fall into is prioritizing being liked over leading in ways that help your team members grow. But there are better, more productive ways to motivate others to do their best work. To help you avoid some of these mistakes, here are five tips that every first-time manager should take to heart.

Despite higher salaries, pay raise requests will rise

October 14, 2022
While many savvy employers now offer higher salaries to attract and retain talent, they should still expect pay raise requests ahead of 2023, according to a Robert Half survey of 1,000 U.S. workers and 1,500 hiring managers conducted between June and July.

Hybrid work: Can we turn back the clock?

October 14, 2022
Two years or more into hybrid work, and not everyone agrees on whether it’s the future. How can we put the toothpaste back into the tube?

In a crisis, great leaders prioritize listening

October 14, 2022
How leaders navigate a crisis—big or small—has an enormous influence over the impact that crisis will have on their organization, not to mention the personal impact it will have on the people and leadership of that organization in its aftermath.

10 actions for successfully transitioning into a new leadership role

October 14, 2022
Starting a new job can be daunting, to say the least. As a leader, I identified 10 actions for a successful transition into a new leadership role.