Legal Issues

Pay for travel time to voluntary OT shift?

January 17, 2023
If an hourly employee has to travel from one location to another to continue their principal activities during the workday, then that’s paid time. Commuting time, however, is unpaid. But what if an employee completes a full shift at one location and voluntarily takes on an overtime shift at a different location?

DOL to propose new OT threshold by May

January 11, 2023
Millions more white-collar employees could become newly eligible for overtime pay later this year. The Department of Labor has confirmed plans to update the overtime salary threshold by May.

Harassment: Here’s why you want to make reporting it easy

December 20, 2022
It is vital to encourage employees to report anything they think could be classified as sexual, racial or other harassment. Make reporting easy, offering multiple complaint avenues. Instruct supervisors and managers to say something if they see something.

Ask these questions to determine what’s an essential function

December 7, 2022
Whether employers must provide a reasonable accommodation depends on whether a proposed accommodation allows the disabled employee to perform the essential functions of their job. If no accommodation is possible, the employee isn’t qualified and, therefore, not protected under the ADA. You don’t have to hire or retain him.

Employer must pay whistleblower $22 million

December 2, 2022
Don’t shoot the messenger! That’s the lesson the Occupational Safety and Health Administration taught employer Wells Fargo in a recent whistleblower retaliation case. Wells Fargo has been ordered to pay $22 million to an internal whistleblower who raised concerns that the bank may have been engaged in illegal practices.

New year, new laws: Update your compliance!

November 29, 2022
States have new laws about human trafficking reporting, hair discrimination, family leave, wage transparency, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Is Black Friday a paid holiday?

November 18, 2022
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 97% of civilian and private industry workers have PTO for the holiday, as do a whopping 99% of state and local government workers.

Keep it Legal: What Kanye West taught managers

November 11, 2022
Kanye West is learning that even he cannot make inflammatory remarks with impunity and must face the consequences for his hateful behavior. In the work setting, employers have the right and obligation to address and prevent racist, harassing or other harmful comments and behavior by their employees. Here are three steps every manager should take when responding to employees’ racist comments.

Can they ask for that?

November 10, 2022
Q. I’m in the process of gaining U.S. citizenship. When I applied for a job recently, the employer asked me to produce documents proving I was legally able to work. I provided my driver’s license and Social Security card, but then he asked for a “green card,” which I do not have. Is this legal?

Keep it Legal: Erase these 4 mistakes in employee handbooks

November 4, 2022
Managers know that an employee handbook is an essential tool that will likely keep your organization out of legal trouble. Work with your HR manager to make sure your handbook is free of mistakes.