Legal Issues

Lessons from the Courts: August ’15

July 27, 2018
Always look at a person’s qualifications, rather than conjure up ideas and stereotypes as to why a person with a disability who’s otherwise qualified can’t do the job.

Prevent workplace discrimination

July 25, 2018
Cases of perceived discriminatory behavior in the workplace are all over the news these days. As a supervisor, you can help prevent it from affecting your team by taking these steps.

Are we allowed to ask if a prospective employee has medical coverage?

July 23, 2018
Q: “My manager had job applications made that ask: ‘Do you have medical coverage? If so, with who?’ Is that allowed or not?” – Nikkie, Florida

When workers are sent home due to an issue with the building, are they still paid?

July 23, 2018
Q: “Our building experienced a water main break that shut down our restrooms. Since OSHA requires restroom facilities for employees, we sent everyone home. Exempt employees still receive their salaries, so they’re paid for the day. Do we need to pay our hourly workers who performed no work that day?” – Calvin, Virginia

Keep It Legal: August ’18

July 13, 2018
A delivery driver fired shortly after he requested medical leave had recently received a performance rating of “exceptional” with a comment addendum stating “no complaints from customers,” but was told he was being fired for customer complaints.

Do we need a workplace dating policy to address a recent problem?

June 18, 2018
Q: “We don’t currently have a workplace romance/dating policy, but are seeing the need for one since we are now aware of a relationship between a supervisor and employee. Can we adopt a policy now and enforce it immediately (such as transfers or separation of the two employees)?” – Amianne, Maryland

We made worker stay late to clean mess: Do we need to pay him overtime?

May 16, 2018
Q. One of our workers made a mess near the end of his shift. We told him he needed to clean it up before he left. Do we need to pay him overtime?

Broke quitting-time rules? No unemployment for you!

March 20, 2018
Be sure employees know your rules for leaving work early. That way, an employee who violates the rules will have committed willful misconduct, disqualifying him from receiving unemployment compensation benefits.

Keep It Legal: April ’18

March 9, 2018

Log customer complaints to back up discipline.

Lessons from the Courts: March ’18

February 23, 2018

How not to avoid paying overtime.