Legal Issues

Harassment in the news

October 1, 2004
In a same-gender case, a finding of harassment under federal law and precedent does not require that either of the parties be homosexual. Of course, in a state that prohibits workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, a same-sex harasser may face additional repercussions.

Protect yourself and your team from cyber-stalking

October 1, 2004
“What would you do if an employee came to you and told you she was being cyber-stalked and cyber-harassed at work?” wrote Internet lawyer Parry Aftab of recently in Information Week.

Know your obligations to returning soldiers

August 1, 2004
Over the last year, many employers have learned firsthand the provisions of USERRA, the federal law that protects the jobs of workers called to military duty. Here’s a primer:

No ‘career employees’

July 1, 2004
In the current climate of downsizing, frequent turnover and free-agent workers, nobody talks about “career employees” anymore. This is actually a good legal practice, say employment law experts.

Make the most of your employee handbook

July 1, 2004
There’s no law in the U.S. that says an organization must provide its workers with an employee handbook. Yet many employers find that a carefully written handbook not only simplifies employee communication but improves workers’ morale and productivity.

Legal Matters

June 1, 2004
Smoke-free workplace rules … The law and small business …

Overtime rules: What you need to know

May 1, 2004
After months of controversy, the U.S. Department of Labor this spring readied for release the final version of its new rules governing eligibility for overtime pay.

Legal Matters

April 1, 2004
Avoid “mixed-motive” suits … Is employment really “at will”?

Legal Matters

March 1, 2004
Breast cancer and the ADA … Religion vs. sexuality at work …

Legal Matters

February 1, 2004
Helping victims of violence … Common-law torts at work …