Management Skills

Recognize a big achievement

July 19, 2018
A hand-written note wishing co-workers or employees congratulations is a powerful way to recognize the achievements or milestones in their lives. Follow these tips to write a truly meaningful one.

Top 5 do’s and don’ts of negotiating

July 12, 2018
10 tips for a successful negotiation.

Say ‘no’ to no-shows: 8 steps to ‘pre-boarding’

July 3, 2018
More employers are launching formal “pre-boarding” programs. The goal: engage new hires between the time they accept an employment offer and the first day. Here are eight ideas to keep your new hires committed and interested.

Become more objective

June 27, 2018
To be both fair and professional at work, you must strip away your biases and preconceived notions and look at all situations objectively. Murray Nossel recommends using the “What happened?” method to do just that. Here’s the gist of it.

5 tips to manage volunteers on staff

May 25, 2018
Many people who work in nonprofit organizations find themselves working alongside and supervising volunteers. When working with volunteers, keep these five suggestions in mind.

Are you good at offering feedback?

April 17, 2018
If you lead in any capacity, providing employees feedback is one of your most important jobs. But are you actually good at it?

Delegating? Avoid 3 gaffes

March 21, 2018

Avoid these critical mistakes when you delegate work to team members.

Avoid these negotiation tactics

March 20, 2018
To come out on top in negotiations, don’t resort to bad behavior to win. Avoid the following.

Address a suck-up’s behavior

February 28, 2018

When an employee goes out of his or her way to please you, resist the urge to respond in a positive way. Follow this advice.

Manage 3 negative types

February 28, 2018

Negative people in the workplace zap energy and productivity. Leadership expert Dan Rockwell offers these tips for dealing with three very specific types of negative people.