Management Skills

When an improvement becomes a big problem

March 1, 2005
Until a few months ago, you and your team were on great terms—very cooperative and mutually motivated. In recent weeks that closeness has begun to evaporate …

Moms and dads putting families first

February 1, 2005
In a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, men ranked work-life balance as a higher priority than did women, and workers younger than age 50 valued it more highly than did baby boomers.

Manager’s Checkup: Testing Your EQ

February 1, 2005
It’s not as hot a buzz phrase as it was a few years back, but emotional intelligence is still seen by many experts as a prime quality of leadership. Have you checked your EQ lately? Take this quiz and see how you’re doing:

Putting safety first

February 1, 2005
Many managers in white-collar settings never get safety training at all. But in these circumstances managers still need to make a special effort to give the safety of their employees the attention it deserves.

Manager’s Checkup: Your goal–fantasy or reality?

January 1, 2005
Consultant and author Gerald Kraines, M.D., discusses the differences he sees between companies and leaders that “manage for reality” and those who lead their teams according to fashionable management “fantasies.” Which group do you fall in?

Thinking like a leader

January 1, 2005
Whether you’re a new manager or a veteran trying to develop your own team members, it’s important to remember: Before you can act like a leader, you need to think like a leader. Here’s some advice you can take to heart.

Manager’s Checkup: Don’t derail your leadership

December 1, 2004
Are you letting your bad habits derail your efforts at leadership? Take this quiz and see if you’re keeping those counter-productive impulses in check.

Improve the odds for on-the-job training

December 1, 2004
Whether you take responsibility for on-the-job training, or hand it over to the most senior employee, or trust every team member with training, you need to make sure you’re all well-prepared to support efficient and effective learning.

When a love triangle rocks your team

December 1, 2004
Over the past week or two Maria and Betty, your most experienced register jockey, have gotten into at least half a dozen arguments. You’ve determined that Betty and Maria are apparently fighting over a man. The information shocks you.

Implementing policies that you don’t like

November 1, 2004
It’s a headache for every manager: You need to put into place new or revised policies that you think are wrongheaded. Here are some questions to ask yourself: