Management Skills

Leading Teams: Creating assignment desks

March 1, 2004

You’ve got people working rotating shifts, others on flex time, and everyone with individual vacation plans. The daily schedule is a mess … Sound familiar? If so, you might consider creating specialized “assignment desks.”

The right rules for office romance

February 1, 2004
According to surveys, well over half of U.S. workers have had a romantic relationship with a co-worker. While managers’ attitudes toward office romance have certainly grown more relaxed over the years, it’s still good to be alert.

Manager’s Checkup: Keeping your workplace safe

February 1, 2004
Workplace safety isn’t only an issue for managers in risky industries. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of safe workplace practices and how they impact managers:

Absenteeism: It’s not beyond your control

February 1, 2004
People are more likely to call in sick when they don’t feel their attendance really matters, when they find their working conditions unpleasant or stressful, or when they feel taken for granted. Anything you can do to prevent or offset such feelings will have a positive effect on attendance.

Keep ‘tech toys’ from becoming time-wasters

February 1, 2004
How do you make sure tech gadgets don’t become distractions and are used to meet workplace objectives? Here’s some expert advice:


When a veteran balks when you correct his work

February 1, 2004
You’re the new manager of a design workgroup. You’re looking forward to a new set of challenges, but are nervous about supervising several employees who are older and more experienced than you. But your manager seems to have faith in you, and at first, so do your new employees …

Leading Teams: Mastering multi-tasking

February 1, 2004
In a fast-paced environment, team leaders may find that multi-tasking leads to multiple headaches, not greater productivity. But often it’s necessary to work on tomorrow’s projects before you’re done with today’s. Here’s what Sean and Jackie did:

When a rookie employee gets swamped by snow

January 1, 2004
Sabrina, one of your newer and younger but better workers, has been absent twice this winter. Neither time did she call to alert you, as the company’s “snow day” policy requires. Now you’re supposed to dock her a day’s pay and put a counseling note in her personnel file. But you don’t want to …

Help make delegation work

January 1, 2004
When you delegate, the task you see as a molehill may seem more like Mount Everest to the employee you ask to do it. Lack of confidence is just one of the reasons why employees can be daunted by the thought of delegation. Here’s some sage advice from the pros that will help you help your team:

Manager’s Checkup: Are you ready to motivate your staff?

December 1, 2003
Are you ready to motivate your people? Not if you aren’t motivated yourself. If you feel like you’re dragging yourself through the workday, your people are going to pick up on your lack of energy and enthusiasm. And that’s the last thing you need. Take this quiz and see how you handle some common demotivators for managers.