Coaching & Motivating

Rein in rebels without squashing their spirit

January 1, 2001
Nonconformists can bring energy and creativity to your team, but challenging and questioning everything can get in the way of performance and teamwork. Here’s how one manager dealt with her team’s rebel.

Take care of your career climbers

August 1, 1998
Managing ambitious staffers has its pros and cons. While they often bring talent and drive to the job, their arrogance and hunger for advancement may prove obnoxious. Here are smarter ways to motivate rising stars.

How can I fix an inconsistent worker?

June 1, 1998
Q. I have an employee who’s sometimes dependable, and sometimes not. It’s a real problem. When I give instructions, I’m never sure if they’ll be followed. And it’s feast or famine—either he does a fantastic job (often being incredibly responsive and going beyond the call of duty) or he just drops the ball and nothing gets done. I hate to nag, but I seem to be put in that position. What should I do?