Coaching & Motivating

Help rookie supervisors succeed

December 9, 2020
Being a supervisor is tough, and being a new supervisor is especially tough. If you manage supervisors or plan to promote employees to supervisory positions, these tactics will help you initiate them into management more easily and effectively.

3 techniques for better coaching

November 25, 2020
Coaching is a cooperative process. You and the employee work together, but you take the lead in helping the employee learn how to improve and grow. Here are three strategies to remember.

How to motivate call-center workers

November 25, 2020
Because call centers seem to be breeding grounds for discontent, how can you motivate workers and keep them on the job?

Coaching: A 5-step plan

November 13, 2020
Coaching employees isn’t about telling them what to do. The best coaching helps employees discover on their own how they can improve their performance and their career prospects. Follow these five steps to get the process going.

Keys to motivate simpler than you think

October 29, 2020
Management experts and gurus have all kinds of theories on how to motivate employees. The best way is the simplest: Ask your employees, and observe them at work.

What can leaders do to minimize employee anxiety?

October 7, 2020
Bill Gimbel, president of LaSalle Benefits, has helped companies across America develop mental health benefit plans that meet their employee’ needs. Leadership Briefings reached out to Bill to find out what employers can do for employees’ mental well-being in these troubled times.

Dealing with that deadbeat worker

September 25, 2020
So-called “deadbeat” employees—the ones who show up late, call in sick, and always seem on the brink of failure—are never fun to deal with. Take these steps when you have one on your team.

Negativity sometimes rooted in fear

September 23, 2020
Before you turn your back on negative workers—or turn them out— explore their concerns and what can be done.

Brighten spirits dimmed by the pandemic

September 11, 2020
Management cannot change the events going on in the world during one of the most unusual years in modern history. What leaders can do, however, is offer support.

Address employees’ fear of change

September 10, 2020
If your employees are at best ambivalent about implementing an imminent change (a new product, service, procedure, etc.), dealing with their fears straightforwardly can be the best tactic. Follow these three steps to help them help themselves—and you.