4 unintentionally sexist phrases

May 24, 2017
You may not know it—or agree with it—but the following statements can be deemed as sexist, so it’s best to not say them to women at work.

Political talk plagues work months after U.S. election

May 19, 2017
American workers are even more likely to say they are feeling stressed and cynical because of political discussions at work now than they were before the 2016 presidential election, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association.

Should workers’ pay be kept a secret?

May 12, 2017
Many employers and workers are re-evaluating their stance on this squirm-invoking subject. Might company-initiated salary transparency be beneficial?

Connect with non-desk employees

April 27, 2017
What do you do when your employees don’t work on-site—or at a desk at all, and their work keeps them from checking email, text and voicemail regularly?

Managing the 24-hour team

April 9, 2017
Graveyard-shift work is growing rapidly, among both white-and blue-collar jobs and in all industries, and on teams whose managers supervise both day-and night-shift workers. Some tips:

Encouraging words to improve employee relationships

March 23, 2017
These 3 simple phrases could transform your employee relationships.

Encourage employees to open up

March 22, 2017
Your employees know how to improve your organization better than anyone else. Encourage them to speak up with these three tips.

How to boost your eye-contact skills

February 2, 2017
Here are some examples of negative messages your eyes can send and what you can do to improve your messages.

How to make instructions clear

February 2, 2017
Ever given someone instructions for completing a task, only to have her do something totally different? Follow these guidelines for more clarity.

Tune in to your employees

January 13, 2017
Here are three keys to seeing your workers’ jobs the way they do—and to helping them like what they see.