Got constructive criticism for someone? Avoid this opening line

May 28, 2015

“Don’t take this personally, but …” You’ve just struck the nerve of nerves if you begin your feedback with that razor-edged line. Why?

How to calm angry employees: 6 steps

May 22, 2015

Sometimes, managers are on the receiving end of aggressive behavior from angry employees. Workers at times—perhaps because they feel a sting of unfairness—will express their bitterness to you on the other side of your desk. Use the following “Six A’s” to deflect their anger.

Don’t marginalize workers’ problems

May 7, 2015
When employees face a serious problem, you want them to open up to you. But what you do is almost as important as what you say.

Urgent info? Deliver it right

April 23, 2015
When you have extremely urgent information to share, ensure that your listeners understand your message and can respond accordingly. Use these tips to convey a clear message when it matters most.

Tried-and-true tips for reducing conflict

April 21, 2015
No matter how talented a manager you are, you’ll find yourself in tense situations with employees. Here are some tried-and-true tips for reducing tension and conflict.

Slides do not a leader make

April 13, 2015
OK, we both know you’re going to lean heavily on PowerPoint for that next presentation. But before you give in to the allure of slides, just play a little game in your mind.

Seal the conference room doors!

April 10, 2015
What would happen if you closed down your conference rooms for a bit?

How to liven up those quiet meetings

March 17, 2015
You gather a group to brainstorm, swap notes and solve problems. You want them to open up. But they’re a quiet bunch, and you’re worried they will sit and stare rather than stand and deliver. Here’s how to fix that.

The art of giving good instructions to staff

March 6, 2015
Giving instructions is an important management skill. And it is a skill—one you can learn and improve on. Here are some guidelines.

What drama queens and kings are really after

March 2, 2015
It’s easy to become ham-handed when trying to stifle gossip and a runaway rumor mill. Marie McIntyre, Ph.D. explains how they start.