To win friends, be interesting and interested

July 1, 2010
Being a popular person isn’t hard. You just need to know when to speak and when to listen.

Can you spot a liar?

June 1, 2010
To identify fibbers, retain the details they reveal (facts, figures, their stated whereabouts). Then find out whether those details ring true.

Bottom-line idea: Debriefing staff

June 1, 2010
Thoughts regarding debriefing staff about a meeting.

Paint vivid word pictures

June 1, 2010
You can make your message resonate more deeply through the use of vivid imagery.

Ride a wave of stirring surprise

June 1, 2010
Predictability deadens a presentation. To captivate people, surprise them using these ideas.

Bottom-line idea: Answer without fanfare

June 1, 2010
Thoughts on how to answer questions appropriately.

Lessons learned: Vivid images

June 1, 2010
Help listeners visualize your points with these three suggestions.

Boost your vocal power

June 1, 2010
Why waste words? Managers who waffle or babble sink their credibility. Here are some tips to avoiding such gaffes.

Avoid the ‘hypocrisy trap’

May 1, 2010
What’s one of the worst ways to ruin your reputation as a manager? Give employees a reason to call you a hypocrite.

Persuasion as simple as 1-2-3

May 1, 2010
Here are ways of highlighting the most compelling points of your next proposal so that you don’t drive away potential allies.