Communicating with millennials at work

June 19, 2019
It’s projected that by 2020, 40% of the workplace will be millennials. That means that you will need to adapt your internal communications—if you want to get your message across. Follow these tips.

Communicate to lower stress

May 22, 2019
Too much long-term stress drives employees away—and in the meantime, their productivity plummets, performance lags and quality suffers.

Prompt people to share input

May 22, 2019
If the team goes silent when you request feedback or ideas, use these phrases to encourage people to speak up and share their insight.

Respond to silly suggestions

May 22, 2019
You want everyone contributing ideas and offering solutions. However, what if the suggestions you’re hearing are impractical or downright ridiculous? Do the following instead to respond—without crushing employees’ spirits.

Ensure critical info is absorbed

April 25, 2019
When you have extremely important information to share with people, don’t just assume they will find your message as important as you do. Instead, set the stage to ensure they both hear and fully comprehend your message.

Are you offering enough feedback?

April 25, 2019
Nearly 60% of employees surveyed by PwC want to receive feedback on a weekly—or daily—basis.

What to say to worker who sees doom in everything

April 7, 2019
Trying to encourage your staff to do their best gets harder if one of them is always expecting the worst. Here’s how to approach these “Nervous Nellies.”

3 phrases every leader should use

March 27, 2019
If you want to prove your leadership potential, use these phrases liberally, advises Andy Bailey, CEO, founder and coach at executive coaching firm Petra Coach.

Damage control: When your emotions get away from you

February 18, 2019
You know you shouldn’t have cried, overreacted, yelled, or accused. However, managers are only human, and sometimes emotions get the best of them in the workplace. Here’s how to tactfully make amends with staff and move on.

The right way to share news

January 16, 2019
When you have important news to share—either good or bad—that could affect your staff, follow this advice to get it right.