Employee Performance

Employers rethinking performance appraisals

January 20, 2019
The performance review is getting a makeover, suggests new research from staffing firm OfficeTeam.

Make staff training pay off

January 11, 2019
Just because you send your staff to training courses doesn’t mean they’ll instantly be smarter and ready to double their productivity. But if you show interest in their learning curve, they may try harder to put new tools to work.

It’s a conference, not a vacation

January 10, 2019
Q. Our company is liberal with sending its people to various conferences around the country. They all come back seemingly rejuvenated and flush with new ideas. Some of it is useful; most of it is not. What can I do to ensure that these costly training trips don’t turn into junkets?

Shine in 2019 with 3 simple changes

December 20, 2018
Here are three impactful ways you can improve the cohesion, productivity and workplace satisfaction on your team this year, based on some common new year’s resolutions like improving health, being more mindful and present, and learning new skills.

Teamwork: myths & realities

December 20, 2018
You’ll find it easier to get everyone to buy into the team concept by throwing out old myths about building teams. Here are three myths and the realities behind them.

Handling office romances

December 17, 2018
Have Cupid’s arrows hit targets on your team? Workplace romances are both a fact of life and a tricky topic for managers.

Taking aim at employees’ goals

December 11, 2018
How can managers improve the odds of team members thoughtfully formulating goals and doing their best to reach them? Consider these strategies.

Giving feedback to an underperformer

December 11, 2018
Here are some guidelines to help you issue constructive feedback when it’s not so readily accepted.

Performance review cheat sheet

November 29, 2018
No need to dread all those performance reviews. Use these examples to write clear feedback regarding core skills necessary in today’s workplace.

Calm down, everyone: Mindful practices for a mellower office

October 22, 2018
Fast-paced, constantly changing modern workplaces can be a breeding ground for distraction and tension. Mindfulness practices keep people in the moment, engaged in the activity at hand, and able to approach demands with greater clarity.