Employee Performance

Choose words carefully when criticizing

May 16, 2014
If you have good but temperamental people working for you, you know the problem: Your constructive criticism is often taken as a personal attack. Here’s how to offer suggestions to keep your workplace running smoothly.

How to Create an Employee Performance Log

January 1, 2013
Some managers tend to evaluate team members based on their most recent positive or negative encounter. This hap­pens most often when a manager has no record of an employee’s performance over the past months or year. It’s not a good way to conduct a review, and it’s not fair to the employee. An increasingly popular and easily imple­mented solution is to create an employee performance log.

Managing Ms. Perfect

October 1, 2012
Perfectionists can be counted on for high-quality output that includes every bit of what you asked for (and then some). Speed and the ability to prioritize, however, often take a back seat.

Managing Migraine Sufferers

October 1, 2012
Every manager knows that a headache may affect an employee’s productivity. But for the 28 million Americans suffering from migraines, headaches are not just a temporary annoyance but a serious, often misunderstood condition.


Health Corner: Attention deficit disorder

September 1, 2012
If you have an employee who has trouble staying organized or flits from one thing to the next, it’s possible he or she may be suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Making performance reviews as painless as possible

June 1, 2012
Follow these guidelines to deliver effective and efficient performance reviews.

Stress reduction and the path to productivity

May 1, 2012
Management tips to ease stress in the workplace: As a team leader, you’re uniquely positioned to influence workplace conditions and keep the people in your unit as productive as they can be. Here are tips to reduce stress levels.

Put goal attainment in perspective

March 1, 2012
Setting ambitious goals for your unit and rallying everyone to follow through helps you lead effectively. Just don’t get carried away.

Give oral reprimands that serve a purpose

June 30, 2011
You already know to scold employees in private. You don’t want to embarrass them at the same time that you’re criticizing some aspect of their performance. But reprimanding in private doesn’t excuse you from speaking diplomatically.

5 steps to employee greatness

April 1, 2011
In his book Shine, Edward M. Hallowell breaks down his five-step process for peak performance and how managers can guide their employees to doing their best work.