Employee Performance

Ignore poor performers at your peril

April 1, 2009
In survey after survey, the top mistake managers admit to making is waiting too long to deal with underperformers. The urge to look the other way—or assume things will improve on their own—can prove too powerful to resist.

The right mix of metrics

January 1, 2009
After AnnTaylor Stores installed a performance measurement tool for its employees in 2007, all hell broke loose. If you read the recent front-page article in The Wall Street Journal, you know what I mean.

Set clear standards to drive performance

January 1, 2009
Expectation and motivation go hand in hand. If your employees know how you’re going to evaluate them—and they see that you’re consistent in your approach—they’re more likely to excel.

Set three priorities–and prosper

October 1, 2008
If you ask a sampling of employees, “What are your top three priorities for which your manager holds you accountable?,” would they know? Or would they guess?

Harness the power of the pack

September 1, 2008
Use the “power of the pack” to elevate the performance of your laggards.

Discipline with an eye on change

August 1, 2008
Are you unhappy with an employee’s sloppy performance? The problem probably won’t take care of itself, so you need to raise your concerns.

The age of competency

May 1, 2008
Today’s human-resources executives have added a new term to their vocabulary: competency-based systems. These tools demystify what constitutes solid performance for both work teams and individuals.

Criticize without rancor

April 1, 2008
Many managers find it difficult to tell diligent workers that they’re screwing up, but that’s an inescapable part of your job.

Develop metrics that motivate

April 1, 2008
About 10 years ago, consultants started emphasizing pay-for-performance as a motivational tool. The idea stuck.

Massage the ego of your stars

March 1, 2008
You want everyone on your staff to respect you. But what matters even more is that your top performers enjoy working for you.