Employee Performance

How to tell team to rework a project

November 1, 2000
It’s difficult to tell solid performers that their hard work on a project isn’t quite good enough. How do you ask team members to take another crack at a project without demotivating them?

How to respond to mistakes

October 1, 2000
If you refuse to set and enforce high standards, you’re not doing your people any favors and you’ll be stuck with second-rate work. Respond to blunders in a firm but supportive manner.

Get the most from your temps

June 1, 1998
Some managers hire temps and then pray that the newcomers don’t get too far behind or make too many mistakes. But there’s a better way.

Team mistakes are learning opportunities

December 1, 1997
When a snafu strikes, all eyes turn to you. As the boss, your response largely determines whether your staffers learn a lesson or cower in fright.