Employee Performance

Where is everyone going!? 3 actions to keep your team intact

October 20, 2018
Employees are leaving their jobs in droves. These 3 actions can keep your team intact.

Beware the 4-month slump

October 13, 2018
Most people start a job with a bounce in their step and a gleam of eagerness in their eyes. But after four months or so on the job, most employees feel the job isn’t that interesting, challenging or rewarding. What does this mean for a supervisor?

Oh, no! They shoved a ‘weak link’ on my team

September 14, 2018
An employee with a history of poor performance is transferred to your department. What do you do? Here’s a systematic approach to helping an employee with a checkered track record get up and running in your department.

Should that employee telecommute?

July 25, 2018
Have employees asked you if they can work from home? Before you respond, answer these questions.

Draw up training annual report to show value of learning

July 10, 2018
More of your peers are finding they need to promote and prove the worth of learning programs they run. So they’re turning to the annual-report concept.

4 keys to employee accountability

June 27, 2018
If you feel your employees are lacking accountability, you could very well be to blame. It’s not a problem you can just ignore, so take these steps to boost accountability among all your employees.

Nail employees’ midyear check-ins

June 27, 2018
Now is the perfect time to sit down with employees, assess how far they’ve come—and determine how far they still need to go.

4 people you need on your team if you want this place to get real

June 22, 2018
For the good of the company, a manager needs to spot them, recruit them and get the heck out of their way.

Ride out the summer slide

June 20, 2018
Workplace rules seem to relax as days warm up: Here’s how to handle it all.

More employers offering promotions without raises

June 19, 2018
Nearly two in five HR managers (39%) said it’s common for their company to offer employees promotions without salary increases. That’s a 17-point jump from a similar 2011 survey.