Hiring & Interviewing

Put job candidates to work

February 1, 2008
Danny Meyer doesn’t just hire employees and then hope they succeed. He gives them a chance to succeed before they’re hired.

Anti-bias bond?

December 1, 2007
There is a debate about the idea of anti-bias bonds. Employees buy the bonds upon hire, earn interest on the money during employment, but forfeit the proceeds if they ever sue the company.

Pre-interview phone calls: 6 do’s and don’ts

November 19, 2007
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Tough hiring choice? How to pick a winner

October 1, 2007
If you’re responsible for hiring, you’re bound to find yourself trying to choose the best candidate from two strong applicants.

Look for ‘success factors’ in interviews

March 1, 2007
Ready to interview job candidates? Start by establishing criteria that give you something more substantial to go on than simply whether you like or dislike a candidate.

Social networks: a new hiring pool?

February 1, 2007
When you need to hire, it’s better to recruit from a pool of people who you know already match your desired profile. That’s made online social networking sites an attractive destination.

What new hires need, when they need it

January 1, 2007
Consider these organizing principles to determine what new hires need to know right away, soon and a little later.

Résumé typos; trust at work; monitoring workers

November 1, 2006
A single typo on a résumé can nix a candidate … Managers not sure if trust in the workplace has improved … When and how should employers monitor their workers?

Getting reluctant applicants to talk

September 1, 2006
One of the frustrations of interviewing is sitting down with an applicant and then discovering that getting him or her to talk is like pulling teeth. But there are ways to avoid that.

A VIP candidate complicates your hiring plans

August 1, 2006
Business is booming, and you need to hire at least one more person. So you go through the normal pro­cedures. But then you notice that another résumé has arrived—this one through the intracompany mailbag …