Hiring & Interviewing

Using assessment tools in hiring

April 1, 2005
Assessment tools like pre-employment tests and simulations, once the exclusive province of the biggest firms seeking to fill their highest-profile positions, have become popular in all kinds of workplaces.

How to cover the basics with new hires

March 1, 2005
As a manager, you need to orient new hires by pointing them toward success and letting them know how to get there. Something this important shouldn’t go unplanned. Some basics:

Avoid ‘candidate abuse’

November 1, 2004
How well do you treat job candidates? Some suggestions for managers:

Job descriptions done right

May 1, 2004
When properly done, the task of writing a job description—as much as the written document itself—is the place where the hiring process gets off to a good start. Here’s some expert advice that can help:


How to write (not just type) a job posting

May 1, 2004
Though you should define in some detail what the essential tasks of a job will be, you don’t need to put all of them in the written job description your candidates are going to see.

Give job candidates the best possible first impression

January 1, 2004
Author and consultant Terri Robinson reminds us of mistakes employers make — turnoffs that can “help your competitor hire your future employee.”

Remember how to hire?

January 1, 2004
As the economy slowly rebounds, many managers are getting ready to do something they haven’t done in a long time — hire new workers. Are you out of practice?

Building and leading an interview team

November 1, 2000

When you’re looking to hire new people, is all the weight on your shoulders? Or do you conduct interviews as part of a team?

Tips for a great interview

July 1, 2000
Don’t leave much to chance when you host a job interview. By organizing when and how you ask questions, you ensure fair comparisons and give everyone an equal chance to stand out. Use these pointers to structure your interviews.