Hiring & Interviewing

How to choose an assistant

September 9, 2016
When you begin thinking about how to identify the right person for the job, you may come up with a list of specific skills that your assistant will need. But it’s help- ful to review several general factors first.

Invasion of the retirees

August 10, 2016
Older workers are flooding the workforce and they just might be your next great hire.

Here’s what the Mt. Rushmore of interview questions looks like

August 9, 2016

When it comes to analyzing employees, here are four questions that will be as effective in 500 years as they are today.

5 keys to writing a powerful job description

May 30, 2016

You may have a clear vision of your dream employee, but how do you capture those thoughts and form them into an accurate and enticing job description that attracts the right candidates? Here are five tips to help you write a better job description.

These 5 social media posts spell trouble for hiring managers

April 29, 2016
How many of these would have made you toss a résumé into the trash without a second thought, possibly ensnaring you in a legal problem?

Make a great hire? There’s more work to do

March 23, 2016
You just welcomed a new employee to the team. Whoa! Don’t just walk away just because you did such stellar work on the hiring end.

Don’t scare away a good job candidate

March 8, 2016
Here are the top mistakes hiring managers make that lead good job candidates to wonder whether they really want to work for you.

Find a ‘buddy’ for a new hire

February 8, 2016
Regardless of how you orient new employees, you should pair those workers with “buddies” on your team who can help new people find their feet. How do you know who to pair up with whom?

Glad you asked! Strange but effective interview questions

January 10, 2016
We asked seven leaders to discuss the out-of-the-ordinary things they ask job candidates, and why.

Careful with those words in job ads

October 13, 2015
Here are some innocent-sounding blurbs that were pulled from some actual ads—but what are they really saying?