Leadership & Career

5 ways to build trust

February 14, 2020
Here are five surefire ways to get your employees to trust you.

Rein in a sarcastic worker

February 14, 2020
Suppose a productive, even-tempered employee makes sarcastic jokes and comments about work in general, his or her job, your organization—everything. Unlike complainers who are also poor workers, this employee’s comments are at odds with his or her competent performance. However, don’t use current results as excuses to ignore the situation.

How do you make decisions? It matters

February 14, 2020
There’s more to making decisions than simply choosing an option—it also pays to take into account the effects of the way you make decisions.

Common excuses for avoiding conflict

January 23, 2020
Whether a conflict involves you directly or is a dispute between employees, customers, or co-workers, being involved is awkward and stressful. As business consultant Francie Dalton of Dalton Alliances points out, we’re quick to find arguments to let us avoid confrontations. Watch out for these four common attitude traps.

Equal footing: How female managers can break through gender stereotypes

January 10, 2020
When women leaders take charge by being strong, decisive, and assertive, they are viewed as competent—but disliked. The result: Women leaders are seen as competent or likeable, but rarely both.

New boss? Pitfalls to avoid

January 10, 2020
Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you are new to management.

Banish traits that start arguments

January 2, 2020
Some days it seems everyone is in a bad mood. Or maybe it’s just you. If you’re getting into more than your share of altercations, perhaps you need to work on one or more of these issues.

2020 vision: Make your productivity soar

December 20, 2019
This year, ditch your workplace distractions and watch your productivity soar.

Keep the peace when paying a new hire more

December 13, 2019
Some workers will resent what they perceive as favored treatment and may isolate, neglect, abandon or otherwise undermine the newcomer regardless of the salary issue. You have at least five options for avoiding these dangers.

Create a culture of feedback

November 20, 2019
It’s an art, not a science, and it’s learned through repetition. It isn’t just a nice-to-have skill; if you want to be an effective leader, you must learn to do this.