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4 steps toward more flexible time-off benefits

February 21, 2023
Work flexibility and time off are more important to employees than ever before. Many employers made changes on the fly to their time-off programs during the pandemic. Now is a good time to take stock of your programs and policies and look for opportunities to improve competitiveness and ensure compliance. Here are four things employers can do to add flexibility to their time-off policies right now.

How to get your boss to sign off on training

February 17, 2023
Your job is to convince those at the top that the training expenses will pay off in the future. There are a few ways you can go about getting your boss to sign off on training programs.

4 ways to navigate dotted-line reporting

February 17, 2023
Being part of an organizational structure in which employees serve more than one boss can make these staff members feel like a confused spider caught in a tangled web. Companies often employ such “dotted line” arrangements to use employees efficiently and reduce budgetary expenses. As a manager, attempt to reduce the stress for your employees by taking these actions.

Adapt these behaviors to drive engagement and retention

February 17, 2023
Remember the saying “people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers”? Well, it still rings true. Most of the core reasons people quit their jobs are driven from the top. Organizations looking to improve employee retention need to start with effective leadership, according to Paycor, provider of HR and payroll solutions.

The Great Manager Quiz: How effective is your managing style?

February 10, 2023
A good manager can maintain the status quo successfully, but great managers can take companies to the next level by significantly increasing employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction.

Rules for when romance blooms in the workplace

February 10, 2023
Is office romance blooming in your workplace? If you’re a manager of employees in a relationship, you should know about it. And if your company doesn’t have a policy on office romance, you should adopt one quickly. The approach of Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to get started.

Management fundamentals: No-fault attendance dangers

February 10, 2023
Supervisors new to management often love the idea of a no-fault attendance policy. Such policies are meant to minimize disruption caused by unplanned absences by discouraging workers from calling off. But no-fault policies can trip up inexperienced supervisors who don’t understand how a seemingly simple approach to unplanned absences can trigger federal or state discrimination lawsuits.

7 surefire ways to lose your team’s respect

February 10, 2023
Smart managers know the importance of maintaining the respect of their staff. They make an effort to avoid actions that jeopardize this bond. To that end, leaders should never do these seven things.

When everyone leads

February 8, 2023
Yes, that’s the title of a new book by Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, but it’s also what the authors describe as an effort to frame leadership as an activity for all employees to participate in. It’s about leaders encouraging feedback where the result leads to higher engaged employees. With engagement rates falling, that’s something all leaders should get behind.

6 ways to empower employees and help them grow

February 3, 2023
Looking to increase employee engagement, confidence and problem-solving ability? Work to empower your staff. Team members thrive when leaders trust them to make decisions and take action.