Legal Issues

Worker with disabled child protected by the ADA

August 6, 2015
A woman was fired from her temporary job assignment at a medical facility and was denied a full-time permanent position because of her relationship to a person with disabilities—her toddler daughter.

I divulged worker’s illness: HIPAA concerns?

August 3, 2015
Q. An employee told me he has bronchitis. I told the rest of the staff. Did I violate HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)? 

Keep it legal: 3 alerts to make you think

July 29, 2015
Karl pulled a bullet out of his pocket and showed it to co-workers on break. When asked if it was real, Karl said it was, adding, “This one’s got your name on it” …

Keep it legal: 3 reminders

July 13, 2015
To cut lawsuit risk, list your minimum job qualifications … Remember that temporary injuries aren’t disabilities under the ADA … Keep these 3 rules of discipline in mind.

Worker says building sickens her: Now what?

June 28, 2015
Q. We have an employee who claims she feels sick whenever she is at work. She attributes it to being allergic to something in the air. What should I do? — Jean, Florida

Keep it legal: 3 cases to remember

June 15, 2015
A look at some recent court cases and how they affect the way you manage.

Imitating an accent: Is that harassment?

June 10, 2015
Q. Several employees from time to time imitate the accent of a co-worker in his presence. Although the co-worker doesn’t seem to mind the teasing, is there potential trouble here?

Keep it legal: Issues from the courts

June 10, 2015
Advice on hiring teens, mandating overtime and remembering that part-timers can sue for discrimination too.

Lessons from the courts

May 25, 2015
A look at three recent court cases and how they impact managers.

Make it easy for employees to complain about harassment

May 12, 2015
Marilyn sued for sexual harassment, citing co-workers’ offensive comments and actions. But in court, the company noted that Marilyn knew about the company’s complaint hotline, but never used it …