Management Skills

4 ways to delegate

April 9, 2017
At its simplest, delegation involves handing over assignments to employees. There are four ways to delegate. Here’s how to choose the right model.

Employees have gripes? Hold a peaceful meeting

March 23, 2017
Allowing grievances to go unaddressed can hurt employee morale and productivity.

Spotting the signs of employee discontent

March 9, 2017
Do you know when your team members are happy — or not? Here are some quick ways to gauge the level of your team’s satisfaction.

Manager’s Checkup: How well are you listening?

February 27, 2017
To get the information you really need to do your job well, you have to listen—not just “hear,” but really listen. How’s your approach to active listening? Take this quiz and find out:

Quiz: Depression in the workplace

February 23, 2017
Here are some true-or-false questions to measure your understanding of clinical depression.

Check ‘health’ of new hires

February 22, 2017
Ensure that new employees have everything they need to succeed, before their performance goes off track.

2 responses to ‘I want a discount’

February 22, 2017
When a customer asks for a discount, here’s how to respond to keep the conversation going without immediately cutting your price.

Say what you mean; mean what you say

January 31, 2017
You’ve got to talk a walk you can walk.

Manage an imposer at work

January 30, 2017
Some people are fine with imposing on you and don’t see it as inconsiderate or rude. If you don’t put an end to the behavior, it may continue.

Who’s getting bullied … the managers or the employees?

January 13, 2017
When a manager gets wind that someone views her as a bully, evaluating the charge oftentimes isn’t cut and dry.